Reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side. To be "selective," this membrane should not allow large molecules or ions through the pores (holes), but should allow smaller components of the solution (such as the solvent) to pass freely.

PCMC to install generator for Nigdi water purification plant

Siddharth Gaikwad
PUNE: The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has planned to install a new power generator at its water purification plant at sector 23 in Nigdi in order to ensure uninterrupted water supply to all areas in the township. The municipal corporation will incur a cost of Rs 1.2 crore for installing the generator.
According to PCMC joint city engineer Pravin Tupe, a generator with a capacity of 1,000 KVA will be installed at the water purification plant to ensure that water supply is not affected during power failures. The corporation would have to carry out some preliminary work. The work of installation of the generator would take at least eight months.

The installation of the second generator will primarily ensure that water supply to the eastern areas of the township - from Krishnanagar to Bopkhel -- remains unaffected.
The areas that will be benefit include Bhosari, Dighi, Sant Tukaramngar, Ajmera colony, and Chinchwad. The proposal for the installation of the generator will come up for discussion at the general body meeting on May 19.
Although, the corporation has generators at the water purification plant, they cater to the requirement of the plant itself, as well as to pump water for the Pradhikaran area. The water supply department needed a new generator which could cater to the needs of the eastern areas in case of power failures. Most of the western areas of the township get water by gravity.
The PCMC lifts 380 to 400 million litres per day (MLD) of water from Pavana river at Ravet. This water is first pumped to water purification centre at Nigdi. The treated water is then supplied as drinking water to the entire township.
The corporation has also asked the MSEDCL to strengthen the additional feeder at the water pumping station in Ravet. This will enable the civic body to draw raw water from Pavana even when there is a power failure in the main feeder line.
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